Mission, Vision, and Values

“Protect, Serve and Educate”

The Mission Statement is designed to describe the organization’s general purpose.

MISSION: Spokane County Fire District No. 8 District Strives to . . .

The Vision Statements establish for the District, targets of excellence for the future.


The value statements establish a set of principles to guide the organization and it’s members in their decision-making and behaviors to enhance the organization and the community it serves.

VALUES: Spokane County Fire District No. 8 values . . .

The next regular
Board of Fire Commissioners
meeting is scheduled for:

February 13, 2018
6:00 p.m.

Station 82
12100 E Palouse Hwy
Valleyford, WA

Meeting Agenda/Minutes


Spokane Clear Air
Current Burning Conditions


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