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Spokane County Fire District 8 provides a full range of services that include fire suppression, emergency medical services, fire prevention, education and investigation, and associated support and maintenance services to our 20,694 citizens in a 110 square mile area in south Spokane County. SCFD8 members responded to 3,195 incidents in 2017 from the District's four fire stations located in the Moran, Valleyford, Ponderosa, and Saltese areas. Each station is staffed twenty-four hours a day with a combination of career, part-time, and volunteer and resident volunteer personnel.

Spokane County Fire District 8 operates under the State of Washington laws and codes governing fire departments by direction of a three-person Board of Fire Commissioners: Andy Rorie; Lee Boling, and Greg Hesse.

Burn Restrictions in Place

Due to increasing temperatures, fuel conditions, and fire potential forecasting, Spokane County has initiated area wide burning restrictions until further notice.

Outdoor open burning and recreational fires are restricted in unincorporated areas of Spokane County.

Please see the attached Fire Danger Burn Restriction Notice for specific information.



Summer 2018 Fire 8 Flyer

Welcome Summer! As we all enjoy the longer days and warmer weather we also want to share with you some important safety tips for Defending Your Home From Wildfire Embers. A home will ignite due to the conditions of the home itself and everything around it. This newsletter lists things you can do to safeguard your home from wildfire.

Are you registered with ALERT Spokane? See why you should sign up today at alertspokane.org and ensure that you receive time sensitive messages in the event of an emergency near your home.

When should your family Be Alert, Be Ready, or Leave Now? Find out what those 1, 2, 3 Evacuation Levels mean?

Summer is a such great time to be outdoors. We hope you will plan to attend these fun events:

• Saturday, July 14th, Linke-Saltese Station 85 Open House
• Tuesday, August 7th, National Night Out
• Wednesday, September 12th, Ponderosa Station 84 Open House

For the second year in a row we are proud to announce that Fire District 8 has been recognized as the Spokane County EMS Agency of the Year. This happened because of your support and because of the dedication and commitment of our members. Spokane County EMS & Trauma Care Council also presented EMS Hero awards to Lt. Nate Hawley and Firefighter/Paramedic Amanda Austin; Special Services awards were presented to Chaplains Aaron McNally and Dave Simboli.

If you have any questions regarding our Summer 2018 Newsletter, or suggestions on how we can better serve you please let us know. Have a great summer!


Defending Your Home From Wildfire Embers: Home Ignition Zone

Homes ignite due to the conditions of the home and everything around it, up to 200' from the foundation. This is called the Home Ignition Zone. START WITH THE HOUSE ITSELF then move into the landscaping section of the Immediate Zone:

• Clean roofs and gutters of dead leaves, debris and pine needles that could catch embers.

• Replace or repair any loose or missing shingles or roof tiles to prevent ember penetration.

• Reduce embers that could pass through vents in the eaves by installing 1/8 inch metal mesh screening.

• Clean debris from exterior attic vents and install 1/8 inch metal mesh screening to reduce embers.

• Repair or replace damaged or loose window screens and any broken windows.

• Screen or box in areas below patios and decks with wire mesh to prevent debris and combustible materials from accumulating.

• Move any flammable materials away from wall exteriors - mulch, flammable plants, leaes and needles, firewood piles - anything that can burn. Remove anything stored underneath decks or porches.

• Post your address.

For more information visit Firewise USA

The next regular
Board of Fire Commissioners
meeting is scheduled for:

Tuesday, October 9, 2018
6:00 p.m.

Station 82
12100 E Palouse Hwy
Valleyford, WA

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